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Main focus

For a long time, the main focus of the department of process analytics has been optical spectroscopy in its entire spectrum (UV/VIS, NIR, IR, Raman, fluorescence) in combination with multivariate data analysis, ...

... whereby all spectroscopic techniques are available.

The main focus of development in recent years is the advancement of spatially resolved and multimodal techniques for spectroscopy of liquids and solids. A number of publications in this field have been produced, which represent our expertise.



Three selected publications in the area of spectroscopy.

Peer- reviewed papers in this field of research:

  1. Bäuerle, T., Ulitzsch, S., Lorenz, A., Rebner, K., Chassé, T., Kandelbauer, A., & Lorenz, G. (2020). Effects of process parameters on silane grafting of liquid ethylene-propylene copolymer by reactive extrusion as quantified by response surface methodology. Polymer, 122601.
  2. Hahn, R., Haist, T., Hämmerling, F. E., Fleischle, D., Schwanke, O., Hauler, O., Rebner, K., Brecht, B.,& Osten, W. (2020, April). Detailed characterization of a hyperspectral snapshot imager for full-field chromatic confocal microscopy. In Optics and Photonics for Advanced Dimensional Metrology (Vol. 11352, p. 113520Y). International Society for Optics and Photonics.
  3. Drieschner, T., Ostertag, E., Boldrini, B., Lorenz, A., Brecht, M., & Rebner, K. (2020). Direct optical detection of cell density and viability of mammalian cells by means of UV/VIS spectroscopy. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 1-13.



For further details please contact Prof. K. Rebner or Prof. M. Brecht