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Overview of selected student projects at the PAT Center

Turbidity meter as an in-situ real-time measurement system for continuous detection of pollution in river

In spring 2016, a massive fish deathoccurred in the German stream Brigach.With classical analytics, no poison couldbe identified yet. One possibility tomonitor changing water quality is tomeasure turbidity continuously. In thispaper we describe an open sourceproject, which focusses on theconstruction of a turbidity measuringsensor. Embedded in a casing shapedlike a fish, the sensor will continuouslymonitor the water quality of rivers withoutinfluencing the wildlife. An autonomousinline (Web 4.0) water quality sensor canbe achieved by combining opticalcomponents with a microprocessor.
The main objective for the sensor system is a cheap and smart sensor, which works continuously for at least one year without any maintenance.