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Biochip for the optimization of biomaterials

The aim of this project is the development of a biochip for the investigation of biological interactions, especially the reactions of cells on structured and chemically modified polymer surfaces. For this purpose, an injection moulding process has been developed which enables the production of such surface-structured biochips from different polymers.

The process consists of the combination of micro and nano 3D printing with two lithographic impression methods.

In the first step, 3D printing is used to structure and shape the surfaces. Due to the additive manufacturing technology, practically all surface structures can be realized. Only overhanging structural elements have to be avoided due to the subsequent moulding steps. The subsequent moulding of the 3D-print structures results in a structured tool insert which can be used in a subsequent step in micro injection moulding to structure the surface of thermoplastic polymers.

Due to the reusability of the tool insert in injection moulding, the structure can be transferred to a variety of components within a short time. Thus, quantities that would not be possible with the original 3D printing can be achieved within a very short time.

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Project management

Prof G. Lorenz


M.Sc. M. Schneider


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Hochschule Reutlingen

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