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Microscopic Structures - Confocal Microscopy

  • Only light coming from the focal plane is being detected.
  • Minimal volume element:  350 nm x 350 nm and 500 nm in z-direction (Excitation at 532 nm)
  • Pinhole is realized by optical fibres.

Image Analysis

The microscopic methods range from dark field / bright field microscopy through polarisation- and inverse micros­copy to techniques like differential interference con­trast (DIC) or circular polarisation (CP). The inte­gra­ted soft­ware quantifies the morphological struc­tures. Thus the computer calculates, for example, distri­bu­tions or fine­ness of fibre bundles or areas of corrosion.


Digital Optical Microscopy (DOM)

The basic technique is to extract sharp image infor­mation from several virtual layers of the object – like in confocal microscopy, but with the advantage to use all microscopic standard techniques. The result is visua­lised as 3 dimensional images. It is also possible to overlay two or more images, e. g. produced by different techniques, like DIC (differential interference contrast) combined with fluorescence. Magnifications over 2000 can be achieved.